The ‘last stage’ of educational training is the Road (boys), or the Fire (wayfarers). This educational moment completes
the training begun at Wolfcub Scout age. The method of red branch is unique and original in the whole of what exists at the educational level for young adults from
16.5 years to 20 years.

Adapting to the adult age the five aims of scouting, the “Road” or the “Fire” offers to young people structures, methods and activities leading them to become conscious of their responsibilities of man (or woman) and to assume them in a spirit of service, as well as to transpose Promise, Law and Principles into a life rule.

Taking young boys and young girls who are still teenagers, the « Rover » and « Fire » Branches want to help them become adults able to “paddle their canoe themselves” (Baden Powell), conscious of their duties, devoted to serve.

Coming from the Troop or from the Company, or coming from outside, at 16/17 years old, Rovers or Rangers live in a Clan (for boys) or a Fire (for girls). The period of the « Road » (or the « Fire ») is characterised on the one hand by the very deep feeling of becoming a « man » (or a « woman ») able to act alone, even to oppose oneself to those who would pretend to restrain one’s desires, and on the other hand by a certain worry in front of the unknown that still represents the society of grown-ups for most of them.

Scouting for all ages