The aim of European Scouting is sainthood, and the green branch deploys the scouting method for Guides and Scouts in order to set them on this course. The green branch is divided into Guides (girls) and Scouts (boys) for the children of ages 12 to 17.

On my honour, with God’s grace, I promise to do my best to serve God, the Church, my Country and Europe, to help my neighbour at all times, and to comply with the Scout/Guide Law “


The Pedagogy

Scouts and Guides are organised into patrols of 5 to 8 members. Each Patrol is lead by a Scout/Guide called a Patrol chief and an assistant leader called the Second. Two to four patrols make up a Troop (boys) or a Company (girls) led by a Troop Chief or a Company Chief with their respective assistant chiefs.



A patrol is the functioning unit in a company or a troop. Each scout and guide in the Patrol has an action post for which he/she acquires a special training. There are 7 action posts.


This is a big mission is primarily carried out by the Patrol Chief (PC), since he/she is in charge of the souls of the scouts/guides in his/her patrol. The Liturgist is the master of the prayer times in the patrol.


Responsible for internal and external communications (radio, internet, phone book…), game strategies, observation, transmission, discretion and camouflage techniques of the patrol. The Messenger is the master of optical relays, small and big games.


Responsible for the songs, the level of expression of the patrol, the quality and the quantity of the eves (gathering near the campfire). He/she seeks to develop the artistic talents of the boys/girls in the patrol (drawing, music…). The Animator is the master of the campfire eve.


Responsible for all the movements of the patrol and the topographical equipment. He/she leads the patrol to meet others, to learn about its environment, to discover the European vocation of our movement. The Explores is the master of patrol explorations.


Responsible for the comfort of the patrol in a camp, for the assembly and maintenance of the wood work equipment, for determining the types of wood that can be used for construction and making fire. The Pioneer is the master of the camp installations and nature expeditions.

First aider

Responsible for the good health of the members of the patrol, for their good physical condition, for the good maintenance of the first aid kit and for the first aid that he/she is authorized to perform. The First aider is the master of the olympics and of the emergency interventions of the patrol.


Responsible for the patrol’s food supply: maintenance and cleanliness of pots and cooking utensils, food preparation conditions (cleanliness and hygiene), preparing a healthy menu and cooking the meals. The Cook is the master of the cooking competition.