Guides and Scouts of Europe- Ireland is part of U.I.G.S.E- F.S.E (Federation of European scouting) and was established in the year 2018 under the leadership of Bénédicte Fuller. The organisation began its activities with 3 scouts. In the year 2019 Guides and Scouts of Europe, Ireland was made an observer member of U.I.G.S.E- F.S.E. Since then our scouting movement has grown with over 70 active members and volunteers.

We apply the pedagogy of U.I.G.S.E- F.S.E. and contribute to the religious, moral, civic and physical education of youth by using the scout method, according to Lord Baden Powell’s spirit, with a Christian dimension.

With the 5 aims of scouting we aim at building a physically solid man, with a strong character, devoted to serve his brothers and technically able. The supreme aim of scout education is the fifth aim: to meet Christ personally and, through Him, to reach the Heavenly Father.

  • We want to be, beside school, complementary to the family, who are primarily responsible for their children.
  • Educate man and woman in all their dimensions: body, spirit, soul.
  • Give a fundamental importance to religious education and spiritual life.
  • Look after the personal education of each one, the formation of social man and future citizen.
  • Encouraging the young boy/girl to take in charge his/her own education in a context, appropriated to their needs and strengths.




International Union of Guides & Scouts of Europe- Federation of European Scouting (U.I.G.S.E- F.S.E) brings together over 65000 young people from 24 countries, partaking in the building of European civilisation based on its Christian roots.

U.I.G.S.E- F.S.E is recognised by the Holy See as an association of lay faithful and is placed in the Dicastery of Laity and family life of the Holy See.

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Adrian Fernandes

General commissioner Scouts

Fr. Luuk Jansen OP

National religious advisor

Bénédicte Fuller

General commissioner Guides