About us

History of FSE Scouting

European scouting began in the year 1956. After the devastation of world war 2, when Europe was divided again between east and west, thirty young people Catholics, protestants and orthodox gathered in Cologne. They were aware that Europe’s contemporary nations were refusing God, idolising race and nationality, and tending to subject faith to the country’s interests, and to the general will or to the reason of State led to the worst follies and to the division of Europe. The sense of the common good had been lost. To them, it was urgent to place God back in the centre of a European project. Therefore, they founded the Federation of European Scouting (FSE), an international brotherhood the primary purpose of which is to educate youth by practising scouting, as designed by Baden-Powell, on Christian bases within a European framework.

Lord Baden Powel
Fr. Jacques Sevin S.J.

Our History

Guides and Scouts of Europe, Ireland part of UIGSE-FSE (Federation of European scouting) was established in the year 2018 under the leadership of Bénédicte Fuller. The organisation began its activities with 3 scouts. In the year 2019 Guides and Scouts of Europe, Ireland was made an observer member of UIGSE-FSE. Since then our scouting movement has grown with over 70 active members and volunteers.