Guides & Scouts of Europe- Ireland

Catholic scouting in the heart of nature

Guides and Scouts of Europe- Ireland is a Catholic scouting association, educating children to become adults who are responsible Catholic citizens, commited and always ready to serve.

Scouting for all ages

Guides & Scouts of Europe- Ireland is divided into 2 sections- Male and Female. Each section is further divided into 3 branches, which cater for specific age groups and are designed to aid the development of the children at their respective ages. Click the tabs below to learn more.

Beavers (Blue branch)

6 – 8 years

Wolfcubs & Wolvets

8 – 12 years

Guides & Scouts

12 – 17 years

Rovers & Wayfarers

17 years & above


You can help us promote traditional scouting

You can make a difference. Guides & Scouts of Europe- Ireland is a non-profit organisation. The chiefs, leaders and the members of our association volunteer their time, to educate children through scouting. All the proceeds go towards training, printing, publishing and purchasing of material needed for the scouting activities.

Full days activity for the blue, yellow or the green branch
Purchasing equipment required for the outdoor activities
Printing booklets used by the children for progression
First & Second degree training camps for the chiefs