Who We Are

An Irish scouting organisation established in 2018 and an observer member of the UIGSE-FSE, a worldwide organisation with 65,000 members in a total of 22 countries. We are an association of lay faithful recognised by the Holy See.

The Scouting method practiced by the Scouts of Europe is based on the pedagogy of Robert Baden-Powell, enriched by Father Jacques Sevin (France), Jean Corbisier (Belgium) and Count Mario di Carpegna (Italy) in the 1920s.

Through our activities, we support family upbringing to help children become responsible and happy citizens and Christians, open to God and other people, coherent in their thoughts, words and actions.

Scouting Branches

Guides and Scouts of Europe- Ireland is divided into 2 sections- Male and Female. Each section is further divided into 3 branches which cater to specific age groups, designed to aid development at their respective stage.

If you want to know more about the scouting group or interested in serving as a chief, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Latest News

  • National Religious Advisor

    Fr. Luuk Jansen OP, was recently appointed as the national religious advisor of Guides and Scouts of Europe- Ireland. Upon request from the national team, Fr. Luuk was happy to take the responsibility. Previously, Fr. Luuk served as the Religious advisor of the Cork 2nd- St. Therese of Lisieux group.

  • Preparatory Training Camp (PTC- 1) for Yellow branch

    PTC 1 is equivalent to the CEP 1 conducted by the French, Belgium and Swiss FSE association. If you are interested in serving as a chief in the yellow branch, it is important to complete this training. This is to give a proper understanding on the pedagogy of the yellow branch. The provisional dates for the training […]

  • New group and a Wolfcub Pack in Waterford!!!

    Glencomeragh 1- St. Joseph group had the first activity for the wolfcubs. Currently the group consists of a wolfcub pack and 5 wolfcubs. The Chiefs for the group underwent training in 2021 and the group hopes to open up new units for the Scouts and Guides in the future. If you are interested to know […]

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